Interested in Working Together?




Join other pioneers who are looking to start their journey towards a mission enterprise. Live teleconference calls and course e-books. Services include:
  • Five group coaching sessions on topics such as: choosing a business model, customer acquisition, building teams and measuring impact
  • One 45-minute personal coaching session


A 1:1 experience tailored to help you achieve your goals in your business. There are a couple of different packages available for various needs and budgets.

  • 60 or 90 minute orientation call to determine your path and aspirations.
  • Packages of five or ten 45-minute coaching calls to help you track and navigate towards your milestones
  • Curated resources that provide solutions to obstacles you may run into along your journey
  • Email support between sessions


A 6-month commitment to help you accelerate your journey. Paul offers coaching AND mentoring that helps you build out the details of your mission enterprise and arrive at your goals substantially faster. Services include leadership coaching, business recommendations, advice and personalized networking to access new resources.

  • Three 2-hour intensive sessions to help you develop your plan for your mission enterprise
  • Unlimited 45-minute coaching sessions so you feel like you have a coach on retainer
  • Email support between sessions
  • Curated resources that provide solutions to problems you’re facing
  • A full web-site review and recommended content and copy
  • One 60-minute strategy session with my online marketing partner
  • 10 hours of behind-the-scenes projects (such as developing client personas, client on-boarding processes, brand strategy, website refresh) with my online marketing partner

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