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The Enterprise Leader

You’ve created a successful business but have a nagging feeling that you want to do more. You have always wanted to “change the world” but never quite knew how. Now you find yourself in a position where you want to bring more mission into your business but you’re not sure how. 

At this stage, I recommend you focus on:

  • Knowing Your Strengths. Assess your core strengths and don’t overcommit on the journey ahead.
  • Making a Plan. Design a roadmap that gives you confidence that helps you avoid common pitfalls, but flexible enough to navigate obstacles.
  • Raising Capital. You’ll need the right amount and type of capital at each stage of growth. Engage various investors along your journey based on your plan.

You might find these resources helpful:

Wish you had someone to guide you through the process?

I offer business coaching + mentoring to mission-minded leaders