The Mission Leader

The Mission Leader

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The Mission Leader

You’ve worked hard to serve others in the NGO or government sector, but you know that there must be other ways to bring change. You want to discover how other mission leaders are using business disciplines and leveraging the power of markets to create more community benefit through a business-as-mission (a.k.a. social enterprise) approach.

At this stage, I recommend that you:

  • Solve the Problem Sustainably. Clarify the real world problem are you solving. How will your work create change that is valuable to all stakeholders?
  • Build a Team. Identify the partners, investors and communities that are right for your mission, including unlikely partners and sectors. Who can you work together with to fulfill a shared vision?
  • Share It Forward. Bring along the next generation of leaders and share the road less traveled. How will this mission continue without your leadership?

You might find these resources helpful:

Wish you had someone to guide you through the process?

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