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The Healthcare Leader

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The Healthcare Leader

You went into healthcare because you wanted to help people. But most days, you feel like all you do is manage the practice, and you know you’re close to burnout. You know that you need to realign with your vision and enlist your staff and board in this journey, but you’re not sure how.

At this stage, I recommend you focus on:

  • Get Vital Signs. Determine which health metrics are most important for your mission. What is the meaning and intent behind your selected metrics?
  • Align Mission with Excellence. All team members need leaders to help them to align performance and satisfaction. What are the situations, mindsets and behaviors that often challenge you and your team?
  • Chart A New Course. Frustrated in a broken healthcare system? What are new ideas, potential partners or practice in healthcare and wellness that intrigue you?

You might find these resources helpful:

Wish you had someone to guide you through the process?

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